We make a commitment to our members – higher awards.

We offer a promise of value that each student will receive an offer of funding equal to 4-times the membership fee from at least one of 6 schools chosen by the student for one year of aid. That translates into a minimum financial aid offer of $6,000 a year that is totally free. This is not a loan! Over four years that $6,000 becomes $24,000 in debt-free money for college.

But that is just the minimum. Our members receive offers of funding well above that, averaging $30,000-50,000 in financial aid awards per student over a four year college career. Some students receive even higher awards.

Read actual award letters received by members…


Kalamazoo College


University of Detroit Mercy


University of Toledo


Creighton University


Kettering University


Xavier University


Illinois Institute of Technology


Azusa Pacific University


Hofstra University


Arizona State University


University or Arkansas


Creighton University


Lawrence University


Regis University


University of Tampa


University of Colorado Boulder


St. Mary’s College


Biola University

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