If you're wondering how the heck you're going to pay for your child's college education, take a deep breath and call College Funding 123. You will not regret it. They opened our eyes to strategies and information that was totally unknown to us. They helped us get a $27,500 scholarship at Central Michigan University for our daughter and a $63,000 scholarship for our son from Case Western Reserve.

Karen S.Clarkston, MI

We received over $19,000 as a result of our participation in the College Funding 123 program. I had been told we make too much money to qualify for help .... NOT SO!

Jennifer W.Lewiston, ID

After trying and failing to get financial aid for our oldest child, we went to a CF123 workshop. The speaker was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. We decided to work with them, and wow, nothing short of amazing. Our next 2 children got large amounts of merit and need based aid we never dreamed we would get considering our past history with the financial aid system. I would highly recommend College Funding 123 to anyone seeking advice.

Joan L.Canton, MI

There is nothing better than sending my kids through college and getting a great education without destroying our retirement accounts or packing on student loans. College Funding 123 made it all possible.

Rob K.Northville, MI

I thought our high school counselor would help us through the financial aid maze. Unfortunately, too many students and not enough time is what he faced. The College Funding 123 guide and TOLL FREE HOTLINE taught us step by step what we could do to supplement what we could do ourselves. Working together worked best for us.

William K.Denver, CO

With my older son Jason, who was already in college, I had to borrow from my 401 K to pay in-state college costs. Since we joined the program, we got Katie into the private school she wanted, and got money for Jason we should have received in the first place. As a single parent, I really appreciate the time and efforts of the College Funding 123 staff. We couldn't have done it without them.

Donna P.Waco, TX

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form was a nightmare. They sent It back to us four times and we were ready to give up. The FAFSA completion guide got us PELL GRANT money that opened the door to many choices of colleges for my students. We got our value from that one service alone. Our family contribution went from over $10,000 per year to less than $2,000!

David L., CLUOmaha, NE

College Funding 123 opened our eyes to the possibilities of sending my son and daughter to the college of their choice without breaking the bank. Not only did we send both children to expensive private schools but did so on a state university price. Absolutely amazing!

Greg M.Livonia, MI

I've had dozens of clients call on me to complete their financial aid forms each year. I usually suggest the school help them. After seeing what they did for our student Kent, I realize that a college cannot be as objective as a family really needs. I now refer my clients to College Funding 123 so they can find out what strategies will lower their EFC (Expected Family Contribution). I wish I would have known about this program years ago!

Jose G., CPAAlbuquerque, NM

Our oldest daughter was told by her school we would do fine on our own financially because she was a 4.0 GPA student. 5 years and $27,600 in student loan debt later, we will not make the same mistakes with our next 3 students. Our College Funding 123 family membership has put our younger students years ahead of their peers. Don't wait, like we did, to learn the hard way. It's never too early to prepare for one of the most important parental responsibilities.

Cindy and Bill M.Bellevue, WA

As a Real Estate Broker, I would never consider recommending the major purchase of a home without professional advice. College education for our family will cost more than our home. We can't afford to take chances with these important choices when it means our children's future. To avoid these chances, we counsel with College Funding 123.

Dennis T., CRBPhoenix, AZ

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